Hi there, I'm J 👋🏻

Currently I'm helping build a new banking experience over at the FinTech startup HMBradley that rewards people who save. As a software engineer my focus continues to be making web apps more user-friendly, performant, and accessible while writing code that is tested, scalable and maintainable.

Occasionally I’ll exercise my creative side and concoct some experiments on CodePen. Here's a few faves: 🕺🏻 Tube Dudes, 🔥 Bitfire, and 🎉 Confetti Cannon.

That’s the gist but if you want some more details here's a résumé. You can also help out and kill some damn TVs with emojis 📺✊🏻💥 before they threaten to crush my creativity. I find this Talking Heads track is a good theme song to jam to.


Kill TV!