Hi there, I'm J 👋🏻

Right now I'm at Nike Virtual Studios building something new for the swoosh 👉🏻swoosh.nike, a platform for co-creating, and purchasing Nike virtual goods.

As an engineer my focus continues to be making web apps more user-friendly, performant, and accessible while writing code that is tested, scalable and maintainable. Beyond that, I'm obsessed with finding creative ways to delight and inspire the user.

Occasionally I’ll exercise my creative side and concoct some experiments on CodePen. Here's a few faves: 🕺🏻 Tube Dudes, 🔥 Bitfire, and 🎉 Confetti Cannon.

That’s the gist but if you want some more details here's a résumé. You can also help out and kill some damn TVs with emojis 📺✊🏻💥 before they threaten to crush my creativity. I find this Talking Heads track is a good theme song to jam to.


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Kill TV!